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Hi, my name is Anna Tollstam and I am a senior at Mason High School. Currently, I am dual enrolling at LCC (Lansing Community College) working towards a degree in Photography, doing an internship at Splice Magazine. Once I graduate with my associates degree in photography, my goal is to become a tour photographer.

I have always had a love for music, I go to concerts religiously and try to photograph as much as possible with my trusty iPhone. I have also played guitar for the last... many years, it has been a while. When it comes to photography, I have always loved it. From when I was little and got my first point and shoot camera taking it on field trips and pretending to be a professional. When I was about 12 and got my first real camera that I thought it was the most fancy thing EVER. Then when I was 16 and I got my first ever DSLR camera, truly a life changing moment. Between all of that, the countless number of disposable cameras that were all full of pictures of our dog or random walls.

For a long time  everyone gets asked the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" When I was little the answer was always Hannah Montana, but as I grew up it changed to "I don't know." This once simple and easy question became the hardest question of my life and that was the answer all the way up to June 10, 2017. I went to a concert and I saw someone running all over the stage, the pit and around the whole venue during the show taking pictures and I said "that is what I have to do". It took a long time to figure that out but now that I know I have been working as hard as possible to get there.

(Look over at Videography to learn a bit more!)

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